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History of Antalya

History of Antalya

Antalya Province is the most important and the largest tourism city in the south of Turkey. It is located in the west of the Mediterranean region. There are Taurus mountains on the back of Antalya.  Antalya Province has become the sixth largest province of Turkey by growing rapidly in the field of tourism since 1980.  İt is a pretty city economically based on trade, agriculture and tourism. From past to present, Antalya has hosted many famous civilizations in the history. The most ancient cities such as Lycians, Pamphilians, Lydians, Byzantines, the Romans Seljuk and Ottomans is all located in Antalya region. Most of Turkey s vegetable production is made in Alanya, Kaş, Kalkan and Patra.

The Hittite state, which is one of the most important periods of Antalya province, was established in the Middle Anatolia in the first place, but later reached to Antalya. İt is mentioned in the Greek mythology that due to the destruction of the Hittite Empire, there was migration of Akads to the region.

In the last Seljuk period, Anatolia went under the population of Ilhanians after 1300 during the Anatolian Turkish principalities and Antalya began to establish tribes and principalities in the Westends.

Karabıkıkoğlu whose name has been mentioned in the historical sources and rebellion in the year of 1511 is more known as Sahkulu Tekeli. He was the son of  Sheikh Hasan , the caliph of the Shah Ismail's father and came from the village of Kizilkaya.

The year 1919 is one of the darkest years of Turkish nation. From the soldiers who went to the World War I only 1 in 3 were able to return.  Those whom returned either with a lost their leg or arm.  Antalya and its surroundings were given to the Kingdom of Italy with the Armistice Agreement signed after the war. During these periods, the invaders could invade any part of the province of Antalya as wished, freeing the military agencies and destroying the whole place.

The Great Offensive known as The battle of Dumplupinar started on the 26th of August with a small Turkish army.  After the army captured Afyonkarahisar city, the news spreaded to Antalya. Turks started to get organized happily and on the 30th of August with the victory of Dumplupinar, the Greeks lost the battle. On the other hand, they gathered at night in the farms in Antalya. On September the 11th, the victory procession was held in Antalya and people celebrated this day with a great joy. The societies and the public have arranged lantern regiments at night until the morning.

After October 29, 1923, major changes occured in the city of Antalya as in the whole of the Turkish state.  Antalya, which was a sanjak during the Ottoman period, became a province of Turkey during the Republican period. Antalya which grown gradually in 1923 has taken a turn after the proclamation of the republic and begun to grow with rapid migration. Since 1974, it  has became the most developed tourism city in Turkey.

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