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what is interesting marmaris

what is interesting marmaris


Marmaris is one the most active holiday centers in Turkey. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists from Turkey and abroad visit it. Of course there are many different options for access to Marmaris, which is one of the most important tourism centers in the country. Airlines are the most appropriate ways among them. To reach to Marmaris, one has to spend an average of 8-10 hours on the highway to reach all the cities in the country, which means that together with the fatigue factor, you leave for the holiday almost 2 days in total, which is why it’s normally the most logical choice to travel with an airline that will cost a little more time than one hour. However, of course there is no airport in Marmaris. The closest airport is in the district of Dalaman, where from here to Marmaris Airport Transfer services will be stricly necessary.


The distance between Marmaris and Dalaman is about 90km.Of course the airport is some distance from where you can drop public transport. You also need a meeting between Dalaman and the airport. Dalaman, although it is a tourism home to some of the most active airports in our sector, doesn’t have much developed opportunities for urbanization. For example, there is no metro system in the district, and public transport facilities don’t have the potential to meet all the needs of the airport. In this case, normally when the passengers landing at the airport who want to reach to Marmaris or come from Marmaris, may live some troubles. This is why it’s necessary to get a transfer service from Marmaris Airport Transfer Services. When you land at Dalaman airport, you first need to access the city bus station. You will transport your cargo with a model for this and you will reach the bus station hardly. If you’re lucky, you can immediately get a ride from here to Marmaris. However, in the event of the possibility of not being able to find a place, you have to wait for the waiting periods. These vehicles, which you can think of as intercity buses, will take you to Marmaris bus station after a journey that takes longer than one hour. After this you will need another car to reach the hotel. If we assume that everything is going well, this process takes about 4 hours. In case of using Marmaris Airport Transfer Services; we will get your staff waiting at the airport exit and you will reach the car waiting for you directly. Our car will arrive at your hotel after an hour or so of journey, if you want to be brought back, it will happen in the same way.


Marmaris Airport Transfer Services are offered at different service levels. You can choose from services offered by special vehicle, VIP service, shuttle service and minibus for large groups. Of course, there are different prices for each service level. However it isn’t possible to compare any costs for your satisfaction with Marmaris Airport Transfer Services. While choosing Marmaris Airport Transfer Services, you may prefer the economy option. With the scope of services offered at the most reasonable prices. You can still achieve the highest possible quality.

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