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Alexandria Airport Transfer

Alexandria Airport

Alexandria is the second biggest city of Egypt on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. It is the main harbor of Egypt and a big part of international trade takes place here. At the same time, it is the center of a large industrial area.


Alexandria is located in 183 km northwest of Cairo. Alexandria Airport is 20 minutes away from the city center with Alexandria Airport transfers. Alexandria Harbor is one of the most beautiful harbors of the East Mediterranean. The climate of Alexandria is Mediterranean climate.


The weather is hot and moist in summer, warm and rainy in winter. The name comes from III. Alexander. The most famous beach of Alexandria is El Maamora beach which is located in royal gardens of Montaza.



There are good hotels to stay in. Marsa Matrouh is another good beach if you do not like El Maamora. It is 240 km away from Alexandria, you can reach in 4 hours and 10 minutes by Alexandria Airport transfers.


In addition to these, there are other the most preferred international airports in Egypt. These are Cairo Airport, Hurghada Airport, Marsa Alam Airport, Sharm El Sheikh Airport, Luxor Airport, and Aswan Airport. You can use these airports instead of Alexandria according to your visiting destination.


Lighthouse of Alexandria is one of 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Unfortunately, it could not reach until today. It was built on Pharos Island in order to warn ships for the dangerous coast. Construction of the Lighthouse had begun in the period of Alexander the Great and it had finished at the period of his son.


The length of the Lighthouse was 166 meters and it was the highest structure of all Wonders and all lighthouses. The surface of the building was covered with polished bronze mirrors, this allowed to reflect the sunlight in daytime and fire burned in front of the lighthouse, this light could have seen from 50 km away. It was destroyed because of earthquakes and storms.


The remaining parts of the lighthouse were used to build Citadel of Qaitbay. It is a defensive castle against threatening of Turks, built by Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa'it Bay. It has damaged after the British bombardment and during the Orabi Revolt. It has restored two times in 1805 and 1984.


Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a large library which is built in the same place as the ancient library of Alexandria. The library of Alexandria is an important structure of the history of humanity. It was built in 3. century BC.



According to old sources, there were 150,000 manuscript works. Also, there were a botanical garden, an observatory, an anatomy hall, and science rooms. The library was burned by order of the Byzantine emperor because Christians were believed that the Pagan culture was still alive because of the books on the culture of idolatry.


The New library, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, is big enough to hold 8 million books. Also, it has a conference hall, 3 museums, 4 art galleries, a planetarium and a manuscript restoration laboratory.


Corniche Alexandria is a waterfront, built by Egyptian-Italian architect Pietro Avoscani in 1870. It is on the eastern part of the Alexandria port which is the major ports of Egypt. Formally, its western part is called “26 of July Road” and the eastern part is called “Army road”. But, people do not use these names these days. These are only formal names.


Alexandria zoo is a good place to visit with children. The main exhibits are the hill of lions, apes hill, and swan lake. The zoo also has a reptile house and a birds and small mammals area as a museum. The reptile house hosts several endemic Egyptian species like the Nile crocodile, the Egyptian cobra, and the endangered Egyptian tortoise.



There are some historical points to visit. Mustafa Kamel Cemetery is a historical underground cemetery. Mustafa Kamel was an important political figüre. The cemetery was built in 2. century BC. There are 4 graves.


Another point is Pompeii's Column. It is a 25-meter granite column. The most attractive ruin of the city from the period of early Roman. And, there is the Montazah Palace. It was built by Abbas Hilmi Pasha in 1892. The part of concubines’ bottom floor is a casino, top floor is a museum and another part is a hotel today.


Alexandria National Museum is a historical museum which is an old Italian palace. It was serving as the USA Consulate in the past. Nightlife is silent in Alexandria, the most popular nightclubs are San Giovanni Club in El Gueish Street. There is Alexandrias of the World Festival in October, all Alexandrias cities celebrate this festival at the same time.


There are good restaurants. You can taste Egyptian cuisine or if you want, you can find world cuisine. Egyptian cuisine is mostly, Mediterranean and red sea fish, chicken, lamb, and beef meet, rice, and broad bean.


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